How do you keep a comics fan in suspense?

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The results of the Swamp Thing: Bad Seed contest will be announced on this very webpage tomorrow, and I will send notification e-mails out to the winners then. Thanks to everyone who entered, and thanks of course to Ringwood’s Ken Lowery for donating two extra copies of the book to give away.

In the meantime…links ahoy!

Laura “Tegan” Gjovaag has a contest of her own, and she’s giving away the Colonia: Islands and Anomalies trade paperback by Jeff Nicholson. Please visit her site for details…deadline is January 20th.

Just the other day Ryan Claytor of Elephant Comics dropped by our store, and we got on famously, so I’d thought I’d point you in the direction of his mini-comics. They’re all easily purchasable by PayPal, for your shopping convenience. His 24 Hour Comic Rock and Soul, available on his site, was also featured in the 24 Hour Comics Day Highlights 2004 book from Nat Gertler’s About Comics.

Congratulations to Scott Saavedra for finding the best New Year’s Day-related comics panel yet.

I’m not the world’s biggest manga fan, and yet this article I’ve been pointed to by several people really kept my attention: Abhay covers the work of Naoki Urasawa, a Japanese cartoonist whose work hasn’t made many inroads into the U.S.

A couple links to pal Ian: not only does he cover what may very well be my favorite Rick Veitch story, but this comments section for another post on his site delves into the nominees for…The Greatest Comic Book Cover of All Time.

The Superman V movie rumors site has…yup, you guessed it, rumors about Supes’ costume in the forthcoming film. Darker colors, “3-D” emblem. The article includes a link to a fan-made interpretation of said costume redesign.

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