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In the “it’s an ill wind that blows no one any good” department…lots of Will Eisner items have shown up on eBay today. 36 items at last count were added following the news of his passing (compare to 9 items on Monday, 15 on Sunday). And yes, a few do make mention of his untimely death.

I only bring it up because as a retailer, every time a newsworthy death like this occurs, we get an awful lot of people dropping by the store anxious to make a buck…the “it’ll be worth more now that he’s dead” crowd, which is always very distressing. (Granted, it’s not as prevalent in our hobby as it is in, say, sports.) Pal Dorian has mentioned that we got a couple people looking for Christopher Reeve items after his death, for example. I’m sure some of those items listed on eBay today are there for the express purpose of taking advantage of the “publicity” around the man’s death.*

What I am hoping will happen is that people will hear about Eisner, should his passing get coverage in mainstream news (it’s on Yahoo, at least), and become genuinely interested in his work.

I hope.

I don’t have any personal anecdotes regarding Eisner, beyond a story or two I’ve been told by a cartoonist of my acquaintance, but I have enjoyed the man’s work and I certainly appreciate the influence he’s had on the industry as a whole. And, if it’s even the slightest consolation, if he had to leave us so soon (and yes, I’m considering his age of 87 as too soon), at least he went knowing that the vast majority of his major works are still available and still finding new audiences.**

Mark Evanier, as always, steps up to the plate with his usual skill to tell us about Mr. Eisner.

* Before I get anyone irritated at me…I’m certain some of those listings are just coincidence, and not timed to take advantage of Eisner’s death. I’m not that cynical.

** As compared, for example, to Isaac Asimov, where, at least in all our local bookstores, only about a half-dozen books of his can readily be purchased. And one of those is only in print to tie in to a lousy movie.

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