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A couple things:

I’ll talk more about the new comic arrivals tomorrow, but I did want to note the Elektra Movie Adaptation, wisely released now before anyone has had a chance to see the film. Anyway, the comic also includes Frank Miller’s Elektra story from Bizarre Adventures, as well as several pin-ups. One of the pin-ups is by Bill Sienkiewicz*, and I noticed that it has a couple captions on it (reading something like “Four months ago / In the Lincoln Memorial”). For a moment, that made no sense to me…until I realized what they had done was take one of Sienkiewicz’ splash pages from the ’80s Elektra Assassin mini-series (specifically, from #8) and plugged it into this comic as a “pin-up” without bothering to remove the now context-free captions. Of course, if they had removed the text boxes, I’d instead probably be complaining about the lousy Photoshopping used to cover them.

I also wanted to give Fred Hembeck a nod and a wink for his December 29th post regarding weblogs and the reprobates and ne’erdowells who run them. He has a nice thank you to them…er, us…so I wanted to say “thanks” back! Also, he reveals the news that he pointed Joe Staton in the direction of my Charles Barkley and the Referee Murders post, which terrified me for just a moment as I scrambled to make sure I didn’t say anything too negative about Mr. Staton’s work! I didn’t really emphasize it, since the focus was on the peculiarity of a Charles Barkley comic, but Staton did do a fine job of cartooning, and managed to keep Barkley’s likeness without making it look like tracings of photos.

More store stuff:

We were shorted all of our copies of today’s What If Aunt May Had Died, but got double-shipped our order of the Daredevil What If, plus double our copies of JSA Strange Adventures and double our Dildos.**

We also received Hellboy graphic novels in Spanish (Semilla de Destruccion, anyone?), as well as new printings of Vaughn Bode’s Junkwaffel…fun stuff!

* How do you know you’ve been doing the comics thing for too long? You can spell “Sienkiewicz” without having to look it up.

** Now there’s a phrase I’m going to regret, once I see the search engine referrals.

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