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The Adventures of Patoruzu (Winter 1946)


Satch (?)



and (best of all) Spunky the Monkey!

However, there is no Patoruzu to be found, aside from the cover.

The Adventures of Patoruzu contained reprints from Animal Crackers, one of your standard-issue low-rent funny animal comics from the Golden Age. While “Spunky the Monkey” stands out as a pretty good feature, and “Rufus” isn’t terrible, “Satch” and especially “Drooley” are not exactly professionally done.

The Patoruzu reprint is pretty badly put together as well…the reason I’m not 100% on Satch’s name is because the first page of the story doesn’t appear in the comic. To make matters worse, the last page of the comic book is blank on both sides…it doesn’t appear to be a misprint, as the last story is complete, so they could have easily fit the whole “Satch” story into the book.

Ah, well, too late to complain about it now!

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