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1. I know other people have pointed to the article that’s going around regarding J’onn J’onzz’ lack of media attention…but it was sort of startling to see this on Yahoo‘s little news box on its front page:

2. Johanna’s Owly contest ends tomorrow, so go enter already. What do you want, an engraved invitation?

3. Dave reports that his Comic Book Legal Defense Fund drive has been successfully completed…but someone else has offered to continue matching funds on donations through tomorrow! Go to that link for details!

4. Need I mention my contest for free Swamp Thing: Bad Seed trades again? I do want to thank Logan for plugging the contest on his House of the Ded site.

5. I also wanted to remind people of the ongoing Christmas-themed comic cover displays at Polite Dissent, Yet Another Comics Blog, and Viper Comics Raw Feed, and that pal Dorian has been posting seasonal covers in his own charmingly curmudgeonly style.

6. Run, don’t walk, to Fearless Fred Hembeck’s horrifying display of Santa Heads! Not for the lily-livered!

7. Why did no one ever tell me that my link to Trickle of Consciousness in my sidebar was horribly out of alphabetical order? How embarrassing. (Fixed now…it was between “W” and “Y.”)

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