I really should be wrapping presents…

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…but instead, while I wind down from the nightmarish traffic conditions I just drove through, I’m going to sit back and do a little weblogging. Join me, won’t you?

1. The Swamp Thing: Bad Seed contest continues apace, and I have a few more people to thank for getting the word out: The Johnny Bacardi Show, Scott at Polite Dissent (who throws in some Swamp-related content), Kevin at Thought Balloons, Franklin at Franklin’s Findings, Ed at The Low Road, Dave at Legomancer (I can’t help but think I’ve seen that picture before), and Gordon at Blog This, Pal (and also manages to make the first-ever comparison between me and a member of the Rolling Stones).

Again, if I missed you, send me a swift kick in the butt via e-mail or my comments section, and I’ll add you to the list.

2. Speaking of my comments sections, commenter Cole has been contributing his own comic-inspired haikus here and here. His syllable count may be slightly off in one or two of them, but for the love of God, the man wrote a haiku about Flippa Dippa! I’m gonna let him slide a syllable or two.

3. There’s been a whole lotta loose talk about Gorilla Grodd lately, so I thought I’d hit you with some Grodd-linkage, like this bio (including an image by master ape artist Art Adams), a look at the version of Grodd that’s appeared in the Cartoon Network Justice League series, Grodd stats for the Marvel(!) RPG, a nice big picture of the DC Direct action figure, a Wikipedia entry, a summary of his appearance in Flash #127 from 1962, a commissioned drawing by Ramona Fradon, and he’s also reviewed, along with the rest of his villainous cohorts from the Super Friends cartoon.

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