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Alas, I am short on weblogging time today, so all I’m gonna do is point you in the direction of an overview of last night’s Justice League Unlimited. It’s a pretty good look at the episode, though their history of Vixen is slightly garbled, I believe. Vixen was planned as part of the “DC Explosion” in the ’70s, and her first completed issue ended up not getting published due to the “DC Implosion,” except in the in-house Cancelled Comic Cavalcade. The character finally made her first appearance, teaming up with Superman in Action Comics #521 in 1981, a few years after the “Implosion.” The TV Tome description describes the Implosion as occurring after the Action Comics appearance, which isn’t what happened. Yeah, it’s a nitpick, but I thought I’d point it out.

I am glad that TV Tome took a little more detailed look at the chess games being played in this episode…I figured that the animators took a few liberties with the board’s set-up.

And yes, I wasn’t imagining things…there was a Swamp Thing cameo (in the form of a poster) in this episode.

In other news:

Go visit pal Nat’s music weblog, Wired for Sound. It’s swell!

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