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Okay, I have to at least take a brief glance at the new DC Comics solicitations, lest my comics-weblogging license be taken away…plus, I like looking at the DC solicits:

  • Batman #638 – the Red Hood revealed! I’m betting it’s Jason Todd. Okay, actually, I’m just hoping it’s Jason Todd.
  • Batman: Year One Deluxe Edition HC – okay, as the owner of the original hardcover editon of this book (published back in ’88 at the mindbogglingly low price of $12.95), I’m a little miffed that I’m missing out on some of the extra features this new edition is bringing. Still, though, $19.99 is a really good price for a hardcover…and it is a good story, so if you haven’t read it, I recommend it.
  • Lex Luthor: Man of Steel #1 – Brian Azzarello and Lee Berjemo tell the thrilling tale of Lex’s triumphant return to Lexor, the world where Luthor is the beloved hero, and Superman is the despised villain! Teaming up with Kryptonite Man and Terra-Man, Luthor unleashes his most despicable plan yet – and only the Kandorian Superman Emergency Squad can stop him! …Okay, not really, but it’s fun to pretend.
  • Blood of the Demon #1 – because I like Will Pfeifer, who is cowriting this comic, I’ll be checking it out.
  • DC Countdown #1 – this is DC’s newest series apparently designed to get everyone’s panties in knots, since it doesn’t look too good for the Blue Beetle on the cover, there (or, as pal Dorian has suggested, Max Mercury). Heck, it’s $1.00 for 80 pages…can’t hurt to look, anyway. And you might was well buy it, so that you’re informed for all the related shenanigans in the other DC books for the rest of the year.
  • The description of Firestorm #11 contains some slight spoilers regarding the fate of original Firestorm (rather, half of the original), Ronnie Raymond.
  • JLA: Pain of the Gods TPB – if you didn’t get a chance to not like it the first time, here’s your opportunity to not like it now!
  • Plastic Man #15 – okay, are they just not bothering to ask Kyle Baker what’s going to be in each issue? (Reminds me a bit of Mark Evanier’s story about how, when he was on Blackhawk, the fan press would only list “no information available at press time” for each issue, regardless of whether or not Evanier had provided any info to DC. So, for the last issue of the series, he actually titled the story “No Information Available at Press Time” so at least the coming comics information would be accurate for once.*)
  • Otherworld #1 – okay, it’s by Phil Jimenez, so it’ll be entertaining, but this solicitation is, well, almost desperate-sounding:

    “An epic maxi-series that combines the dramatic setup and ensemble cast of Lost and Survivor with the fantasy of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and mind-bending technology of The Matrix.”

    “You liked all those things, right? So buy it, already! BUY IT!!!

  • This description for the Humanoids book Fragile made me laugh:

    “While on the run from zombie hunters, Alan finds the beautiful but decomposing girl of his dreams. Can they “live” again via an experimental serum?”

    That has to be worth at least a glance.

From the DC Direct solicitations:

  • If you buy the Flash Vs. Gorilla Grodd statue, sooner or later, you’re going to have to explain to someone why you bought the Flash Vs. Gorilla Grodd statue. It may be to your significant other, it may be to your parents or to your children, to visiting friends, to bosses or coworkers, perhaps even to God Himself when you reach the Pearly Gates — but you’re going to have to explain this eventually. Oh yes.**
  • All that goes for the Kingdom Come: Superman, Hawkman, and Red Robin statue as well.
  • The Penguin action figure is terrifying. Goodness.

* I don’t think this story is in any of Mr. Evanier’s three fine books, and I can’t find it on either of his websites…so I hope I’m getting the details right, and not stepping on any toes by relating it.

** So says the man who owns two Swamp Thing statues.

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