My Day with Dorian

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  • D: “You know what we need? We need more gay comic bloggers.”


    M: “Um…why are you looking at me?”

  • You know what’s fun to see? Girls trying to flirt with Dorian at the store. And no, no one ever tries to flirt with me…aside from Dorian’s boyfriend. I’m not sure what conclusion I should draw from that.
  • M: “You know, if they do make a new Superman movie, they should just skip the whole origin sequence thing. Everyone should know it by now.”

    D: “No, they don’t. Most people don’t know anything about Superman.”

    M: (eyes widen in shock; monocle goes flying off) “WHAT? Superman’s like one of the most recognized fictional characters in the world! Maybe they don’t know the exact details, but at least they know the ‘strange visitor from another planet’ business!”

    D: “You know it because you manage a comic shop. Comic fans, maybe little kids who watched the cartoon, and that’s about it. The majority of the audience doesn’t know or care.”

    M: “Buh-buh-buh” — and that’s when the gunplay started.

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