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1. Let me introduce to you the newest member of the dread pirate ship ACAPCWOVCCAOE* — the Infinity Weblog! The army grows: hide the children and womenfolk!

2. Another weblog note…Beaucoup Kevin, who was at this Blogspot address, now has a domain name of his very own: Beaucoupkevin.com. Adjust your links accordingly, damn your eyes!

3. A while back I placed a reorder on the first issue of the recent DC Space Ghost series…at about the same time DC was announcing that it was out of print, which was my good timing. Of course, I got a response of “ON BACKORDER” from Diamond, which generally means “FAT CHANCE.” Well, surprisingly, my reorder on Space Ghost showed up today. No idea how Diamond got ’em, but there they are. Say what you will about this comic (and boy, some of you have), but it sure sold well.

* Associated Comics And Pop Culture Webloggers of Ventura County, CA And Outlying Environs, in case you were wondering. And you probably weren’t.

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