Well, that’s it, I’m out of things to say…

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…yeah, right. You should be so lucky!

1. Thanks to everyone for the kind wishes on this weblog’s first anniversary yesterday…yes, it was bit of a “hey everybody, look at me!” kind of post, but eh, what the heck. If you haven’t read my anniversary post yet, please go check it out…pack a lunch first, though, since I ran off at the mouth even more than usual.

1a. I don’t know who keeps posting “I’m Chalk!” in my comments sections, but it cracks me up every time. (“I’m Chalk!” is, of course, a reference to the greatest piece of Swamp Thing merchandise ever.)*

2. Since my post yesterday was all “ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!” I neglected to note the happy nuptials of Steven and Rose of Peiratikos. Congratulations to the both of you!

3. Comic book “advent calendars” are all the rage this year, and you should check Greg Gatlin’s Raw Feed, Yet Another Comics Blog, and Polite Dissent for a month’s worth of Christmas-themed funnybooks. I loved advent calendars when I was a kid, so this gives me a nice nostalgic feeling. I especially like Yet Another Comics Blog‘s method of presentation…a blank card showing the date, until you pass your mouse over it, when it then changes into a thumbnail of the cover. Well done!

4. Saturday’s Justice League Unlimited cartoon was new to me, anyway, even though apparently everyone else on the planet has seen it due to it being uploaded to the internet somewhere. It wasn’t bad…the Justice League encounters a team of heroes, the Ultimen, that are inspired by characters from the mostly execrable Super Friends cartoon. I particularly enjoyed how the Black Vulcan doppleganger’s powers were portrayed…and having the top of the building where the Ultimen are quartered resemble the Super Friends’ Hall of Justice was a nice touch. (Here’s an overview of the episode.)

Another thing I’d like to note, with all respect to Laura, is the very determined attempt in this series at making Aquaman cool for a whole new generation of kids who haven’t been tainted by the mockery the King of Atlantis has received over the years.

5. Your remarkably disturbing link of the day, courtesy pal Andy – the skeletal structures of cartoon characters. The nightmarish vision of a Powerpuff Girl’s innards will go with me to my grave. (I seem to remember an article along these lines in a long-ago issue of Mad Magazine. Can anyone confirm this?)

(EDIT: Site down, due to being Waxied and Boing Boinged – the Boing Boing link has a sample image.)

(EDIT AGAIN: Pal Sean has found the Mad Magazine reference I was thinking of…look here for more.)

6. Mark Evanier passes along the sad information that comics writer Bob Haney has died. He wrote some of my favorite nutty DC Comics from the ’60s and ’70s, and I’m sorry to see him go. Maybe we’ll eventually see this shelved Teen Titans story he did with Jay Stephens…from what little we’ve seen, it seems brilliant.

* The posting of “I’m Chalk!” in this post’s comments section coming in 3…2….

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