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Don’t have much to say today:

1. This week’s Smallville was good and creepy…and featured an unexpected return to Lex’s vision of the future from an earlier season. Seeing that satisfied expression on his face as he surveys the carnage is quite chilling, and a good foreshadowing of the villain he will eventually become. The sorta-cliffhanger endings (who picked up Lionel Luthor from the prison? Will Clark tell Chloe his secret?) don’t really do anything for me…I’m betting it’s Dr. Swann’s assistant who picked up Lionel, and I’m sure Clark won’t tell Chloe anything, though the scenes just prior seem to really push the viewer into thinking that this might be it.

Anyway, I think that’s it for new Smallvilles for the rest of the year…good, I can catch up on my Netflix!

2. Note to eBay bidders: make sure your current contact info is on your account (like your e-mail address and your phone number), otherwise I can’t contact you, no matter how many times you use eBay’s “request payment information from seller” form. Any relation between this statement of mine and any recent eBay situations at our store are purely coincidental.

3. There’s a small discussion in the comments section of my previous post regarding the quality of the recently-released Mage hardcover. While I would have preferred to have the art as originally printed, I’m sure there may have been production reasons why this wasn’t possible (as I recall, the original art and film were long gone). It is a shame about the typo on the back cover, but hey, stuff happens…even DC had a typo on the back of their Superman: Godfall hardcover. I am glad that it’s out in some format, and maybe they can fix some of the problems in future printings. It’s a great comic, and even a flawed presentation is better than none at all.

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