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1. Pal Ian asks that comic creators look ahead, not…um, behind.

2. While only tangentially related to comics, pal Tom takes a look at Las Vegas’ Star Trek Experience. I’d go, but that would require leaving the house.

3. Here’s an e-mail exchange (near the bottom of the page) between Jean-Marc Lofficier and one of his “critics” regarding Lofficier’s Batman: Nosferatu.

4. File under “high hopes:” about halfway down this page, readers of this website are encouraged to preorder the forthcoming Marvel comic Combat Zone from their local comic stores:

“…If we can get this comic into the top 50 (30 or 40 thousand issues) it’ll get noticed, top 25 it’ll get really noticed, top 10 people’s jaws will drop, the best seller and they’ll be utterly speachless.”

However, since this is a non-superhero Marvel comic, that doesn’t seem terribly likely.

5. I love Peanuts and Charles Schulz, but do we need an entire biography of Schulz in this auction’s description? I’m sure it’s just there to get more hits from eBay keyword searches, but still….

6. I’ve been meaning to link to Fearless Fred Hembeck’s articles on Richard Nixon in the comics…look here, under Nov. 23th and Nov. 27th. Fantastic stuff.

7. …And Savvy Scott Saavedra has a swell vintage funnybook ad posted on his site. “Judy and Jim Defy Savage Gorilla” – says it all, doesn’t it?

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