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Also, just so there’s no confusion (and I guess I can see how such befuddlement may arise)…Tim Bradstreet’s rendition of the Punisher just reminds me of Miguel Ferrer. I don’t think he’s tracing images of Ferrer for his Punisher covers, and I didn’t mean to imply as such. Anyone looking at this post of mine should be able to decide for themselves what’s homage, what’s outright copying, and what’s just a vague similarity.

That said…wouldn’t Ferrer make a great live-action version of the Punisher? Sure, he’s not a huge, over-muscular guy, but he’s about the right age for the character, and he can play nasty S.O.B.s (e.g. Robocop and The Stand)…the Punisher is not a hero, and Ferrer could get that across quite nicely.

Oh dear, I’ve resorted to “dream casting” in my weblog. I apologize.

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