Okay, just a couple more things….

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Hey, it’s Thanksgiving…dinner’s not ready yet, I don’t watch sports, and I’m bored. Give me a break.

Found via the mighty and real Sam Johnson, a trailer for the CGI short Batman: New Times. It’s already better than the Tim Burton movies. And let me add my voice to Mr. Johnson’s…it’s all about the Adam West.

Thanks to Tom “Comics Reporter” Spurgeon for linking to my silly site today, as part of his appreciation of the beauty that is…Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane. (EDIT: Tom’s link was for Thanksgiving only…sorry if you missed it!) In case you couldn’t tell from my occasional comic overviews…the Superman family of comics from the ’50s through the ’70s remain some of my all-time favorites, and any issue of, say, Jimmy Olsen, can give me more joy than any three issues of some modern comics. For pure unadulterated fun, goofiness, and downright peculiarity, they just can’t be beat. Anyone who can’t appreciate Goody Rickles or “The Leopard Girl of the Jungle” or “The Boy Witch Doctor” simply has no love in his or her heart.

Here’s a small selection of Thanksgiving-themed comic covers, courtesy Diamond Comics’ Scoop newsletter.

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