Happy Thanksgiving, where applicable.

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Well, I was going to put up a special Thanksgiving-themed post for today, but I was having a heck of a time finding a cover and/or a panel that I was happy with. (If you must have one, may I suggest this issue of Comic Cavalcade? And wouldn’t you think the Flash would be able to catch a turkey?)

However, I checked our store stock, and it turned out that we did have a copy of Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #20, where the story I discussed here originally appeared! As I had noted, a tier of panels was edited out of the reprint, so as your special Thanksgiving treat, I’m reproducing them here. And, as I had figured, it’s more slams at the gals, courtesy Clark Kent:

There’s a look you don’t often see on Clark’s face anymore.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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