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So I’ve been writing an awful lot on this website lately, and I realize that’s a lot of huge chunks of text for you all to wade through. If you do willingly inflict my disjointed ramblings upon yourself, you have my appreciation.

Don’t worry…I’ll have another funny comic panel tomorrow to break up the monotony!

In other news:

Pete Von Sholly revives the John Stanley classic Melvin Monster with a full 32-page web-only comic book! Here’s the link to the press release, and from there you can read the whole darn thing. Fun stuff!

Peter David reprints an old “But I Digress” column in which he discusses writing movie novelizations. One of the books discussed: his rather liberal (and highly recommended by yours truly) adaptation of Return of the Swamp Thing.

Holy frijole – H kicks ass and takes names with his look at the Comic Buyers Guide Top 1,600 Comics list. Our store’s copies showed up today, and…hoo boy, H earned his merit badges if he waded through that whole thing. (Am I right in that there was no mention of Love & Rockets in that list? Wha-HUH?)

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