I do go on a bit, don’t I?

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1. Okay, fine, I wasn’t going to say anything more about the new DC solicitations, but I should say at least 1) “woo-hoo, Skizz!” and 2) this may be the single geekiest assortment of action figures I’ve seen in my entire life…and thus, I am tempted by all of them.

2. I also received DC’s list of forthcoming collections at the store yesterday (Christopher lists them all here). The Superman Vs. The Flash book sounds like fun…I actually have all the comics reprinted therein, but it’ll be nice to have them on better (well, marginally better) paper than the originals. These themed Silver and “Bronze” age reprints are always enjoyable, and I hope DC keeps it up.

3. Just so you don’t get the wrong idea, I want to emphasize that I dislike the term “Bronze Age.” It just seems so transparent a method to make a bunch of lousy 1970s comics seem like they should be worth a lot more than they are. “Hey, this is a 1976 issue of The Joker” just isn’t as marketable as “Hey, this is a Bronze Age issue of The Joker!” I have yet to use the term “Bronze Age” in our store for any reason (other than to cast aspersions on it). Feh, I say.

4. Oh, and speaking of DC’s forthcoming books, I want everyone to buy that Batman Chronicles book, the one that’s reprinting every Batman story in chronological order, so that maybe DC will do the same with Superman (which is what I really want). Not that I have anything against Batman Chronicles…but I won’t really be interested in that series until they get to the “Batman’s Time Travel Crimes on Venus”-era of stories.

4a. What I wouldn’t give to see a Batman story like this in today’s comics. Hey, that could be the next big Batman Family crossover…”Batman’s Space Olympics!” Finally, a Batman crossover I’d actually be interested in!

5. Ever since I started this weblog, I’ve had friends (and two or three complete strangers) ask me to do a post about Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #106, the infamous “I Am Curious (Black)” story. It is one of my favorite comics in my collection (the best example you’ll probably ever find of “um…I’m sure they meant well”), but it’s been covered several times by various sites and I’m not sure what else I can add to the discussion. However, every few months someone new rediscovers this particular funnybook and holds it up for some well-deserved ridicule…the latest being Millionaire Playboy with its nicely-done overview. (via Neilalien, among others)

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