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Commenter Bob was good enough to put up nice big and clean images of the “hidden images” from Cerebus I was talking about yesterday. You can find links to them in that very comment of his I linked to…they are fairly sizable, and to save him a little bandwidth I decided to post much smaller versions of the same images here so you can at least get an idea of what I was talking about:

I should also note that commenter Sean had that first image up on his office wall. I can only imagine what his non-comic fan coworkers thought of that!

Anyway, I’m sure the Promethea version of this same gimmick will be something to behold, given the usual excellent artistic standards of that funnybook. Mostly, my mind is just boggled that they managed to corral Alan Moore into actually signing copies of the limited variant edition…I don’t even think he signed that long-ago Graphitti Designs Watchmen hardcover, did he?

(Speaking of which, my research into the Watchmen hardcover matter turned up an interesting winner for said item on eBay….lucky guy!)

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