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Don’t worry, I’m only going to nag you about this once more…if you haven’t told me what your ONE favorite currently-published comic book is, please let me know here. I’ll be discussing the results on Monday. (I used the word “tally” in a previous post, and that’s a little strong…it’s not a contest or anything, I’m just curious as to what titles most of you are enjoying.) I also know only a small portion of my daily visitors have left comments so far*…if you haven’t yet, please do! At the very least, I’d like to get that comments section up to 100, just for the fun of it.

In other news:

1. After all the shenanigans on the most recent episode of Smallville have been played out, the conclusion Clark comes to at the end of the episode (and the conclusion the viewer is apparently supposed to draw as well) is that “magic is real, and it can hurt [him].” However, all evidence in the episode suggests that the supposed “witchcraft” is in fact Kryptonian technology…given that the spellbook is embedded with Kryptonian symbols and all.** I suppose we can assume that Clark just didn’t know any better (though one would think that all the talk about the witches wanting the Kryptonian “power stones,” and all of them ending up in the caves with the Kryptonian symbols on the wall, would have been giveaways), but it appears that the intent of the episode was to show that Clark has a vunerability aside from Kryptonite…thus establishing that “magic” is a totally separate force that can affect him. Despite this apparent intention, all this episode really does is show that he can be manipulated by Krypton-tech, something already shown in several previous episodes.

But, hey, it was nice to see Erica Durance back as Lois…she’s a fun charcter, bringing a little edge to Clark’s female relationships in the show (which had primarily been people making weepy doe-eyes at each other).

2. Have you looked at Fred Hembeck’s links page? Holy crow.

3. I should have pointed to Yet Another Comics Blog‘s regular Sunday monkey-cover comics post prior to this, because doing it now just makes me look self-serving. But, really, you should check it out every Sunday…everyone loves monkey covers!

4. In much sadder news, Mark Evanier has posted an obit for Harry Lampert, the cocreator of the Golden Age Flash.

5. Chris has a nice selection of links regarding comics storage. Given that my own vast Mikester Comics Archives are getting a little out of hand, it’s something I’ve been thinking about lately.

6. Your timely link for the day: Tips and cheats for the Atari 2600 Superman cartridge. Be sure to click on the Map link. (My fastest time on the game without cheating: 42 seconds. With cheating: 2 seconds. Yes, really.)

* Of course, there’s a percentage of my traffic that’s primarily people looking for naked pictures of actresses. Looking for porn on the internet…what folly!

** Yes, I know the Arthur C. Clarke quote about magic and technology.

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