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Some new comics for the week (SPOILERS, maybe):

Alas, we were shorted our entire order of the new JSA, which is an Identity Crisis crossover. Gee, thanks, Diamond.

Speaking of Identity Crisis, that came in as well, as I’m sure you’re all aware…I haven’t really looked around to see if anyone has blown a gasket over the ending, but…geez, I want to discuss it, but I don’t really want to spoil it for anyone, SPOILER WARNING or not. Well…I’m sure things aren’t exactly as they seem, given that I really doubt DC wants people griping at them for the next ten years, like the last time they did something like this. Look to the Justice League of America adventure flashback, regarding body-switching.

The new issue of Plastic Man is another fill-in by Scott Morse…not as good as the last Morse issue, but don’t get me wrong…it’s still fantastic. Plastic Man fights a honest-to-goodness super villain (well, sort of), turns into progressively weirder and weirder shapes, and ends the issue with a terrible play on words. Fine work.

The second issue of Ocean by Warren Ellis and Chris Sprouse is out, and I don’t think the criticisms of “decompressed storytelling” really apply to this series (something pal Dorian pointed out as well). A lot happens in this issue, as we find out 1) what’s so strange in Europa’s ocean, and 2) why it was necessary for a U.N. weapons inspector to come out to the station. Great stuff…hard SF is desperately under-represented in modern comics.

Firestorm #7 – this issue crosses over with Bloodhound #5, a series I don’t read, so I guess I’ll just have to do without half the story. This issue features art by interim artist Liam Sharp, whose artwork doesn’t seem as slick as it usually does. The story still intrigues, however, as Jason merges with someone who manages to wrest control of the Firestrom persona from him. Oh, and probably the last person in the series who should know that Jason is Firestorm finds out his secret.

New Thunderbolts #1 – I was a fan of the previous Thunderbolt series, as it felt like old-style Marvel superheroics, where just about anything could happen. The new series picks up more or less where the previous series left off, and includes a guest-appearance of Genis, the current Captain Marvel (who seems strangely depowered, given how easily another character is able to beat him). The art is by the always-dependable Tom Grummett, one of my favorite superhero artists.

Justice League Elite #5 – sheesh, I still can’t believe they went with this cover. Okay, they recolored the blood so that it’s black, and top of the fella’s head is partially obscured by the logo, but geez, c’mon. This is the kind of cover parents of small children immediately gravitate to in our store…”oh, look, all these comics are so dark! No comics for you, Little Billy!”

Other new releases: Men in Hats (the collection of the very funny Keenspot comic strip – we got it late, since our initial order was shorted on us), Marvel Universe: Book of the Dead 2004 (cover-featuring Thor – who do they think they’re kidding?), Wild Girl #1 (by Alan Moore’s daughter Leah, with great art by Shawn McManus and J.H. Williams III), Alter Ego #42 (contains an interview with Ernie Schroeder, artist on Swamp Thing predecessor The Heap), Challengers of the Unknown #6 (alas, the last issue – Howard Chaykin’s the man), Avengers Finale (what should have been the last issue of the series is instead a standalone special – yeah, whatever), Magnus Robot Fighter hardcover (didn’t get much of a chance to look through it, but it appears to have nice reproduction of the original Gold Key comics), Smallville #11 (last issue, though apparently there will be future “special editions” released to tie with TV show events – I’ll believe it when I see it), Youngblood Genesis #2 (I can’t believe Rob Liefeld is still going through with this), Ghost in The Shell 2nd edition paperback (now in a new, smaller size, with the same big $24.95 price), Magdalena/Vampirella #1 (the team-up practically no one demanded!), and She Hulk Vol. 1 (a series that’s beginning to acquire a good following – and much deserved as it’s really not bad – so of course Marvel is cancelling it in order to “relaunch” it…how remarkably unnecessary).

In other news:

This review of the Teen Titans: Divide and Conquer DVD mentions that it includes interviews with Marv Wolfman and George Perez…maybe worth a rental, unless you’re a huge fan of the cartoon, in which case just buy the darn thing.

Gasoline Alley gives us a nice Veterans Day salute.

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