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I just realized I never commented on last week’s episode of Smallville, the one with special guest-villain Mxyzptlk. Instead of making him a magical imp from the fifth dimension, as in the comics, he’s now a magical imp from the Balkans. I suppose I never got around to commenting on this episode since there’s not much about it that really stands out. It was enjoyable enough, and it was nice to see Clark defeat a super-powered villain without killing him, for once, and it looks like Clark and Lex (and Lana and Clark) are on the outs again. I did want to note two things:

1. For anyone who was disappointed that Mxyzptlk wasn’t more faithful to the comic book version – remember Michael J. Pollard as Mxyzptlk on the Superboy TV show (pictured to the right). I only ever saw the last couple of minutes of that episode back when it orginally aired, and my impression was that this was the mopiest, most depressing version of Mxyzptlk you could possibly imagine.

2. Smallville seems to be giving us more super-powered characters that don’t have their origins in either meteor-rock exposure or Kryptonian tech tampering, what with Mxyzptlk this week, and the Flash from a couple weeks ago. Of course, all it would take to change that is a line of dialogue like “I just translated these Kryptonian symbols, and it says Jor-El shot a beam of energy at Earth in order to give random people super powers!”

That image of Pollard as Mxyzptlk is borrowed from Kryptonsite, a fan page devoted to the Smallville series, which recently put up a nice article about the various media representations of our favorite fifth dimensional menace. (I totally forgot about Howie Mandel playing the character on Lois and Clark.)

In other news:

Pal JP (who I might as well just give access to this site, for all the content he provides me) points out that some of those commissioned drawings Gary Panter was doing (where you’d give him 3 words and a $100 or so, and he’d cook up an illustration for you) are being collected into a book. Called 100 Drawings by Gary Panter, you can see the cover and a sample page here.

Pete Von Sholly has a new fumetti superhero comic in the offing, entitled The Flying F — er, well, you know. You can see his official press release regarding the item right here on his own site, in its full uncensored glory. You gotta give him points just for having the guts to actually release it under that title.

Another fumetti comic you need to know about is Dorothy, the first issue of which should be available to order through the current Previews, but you can get issues one and two right now at the official website. You can read pal Dorian’s review (he liked it, and you all know how hard he is to impress), and Laura’s review.

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