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I finally posted a handful of links to webcomics and traditional comic strips in my sidebar (near the end, under the “other weblogs” section).

One of the strips, Nukees, is by a fella named Darren Bleuel, with whom I share a slight connection. Actually, it’s the same connection I share with pals Andy and Dan (AKA “Mojo IV” in my comments sections), not to mention pal Sean‘s new bride…a long-ago involvement in a secret organization, with its own language, and weird rituals, and bizarre initiations, and plenty of Obfuscation…sorta like the Skull & Bones Society, only without the money.

Okay, actually we were just all members of a local computer bulletin board system, back in those wild pre-easy access to the internet days, and most of us have maintained some contact with each other over the years since that board went down (via mailing lists, personal weblogs, and such). Darren even still has a link to the original version of my Progressive Ruin site on his old links page. Anyway, I’ve been aware of Nukees for a while, and it’s always very funny. Darren’s a smart guy, and it comes across in his strips.

A strip I found during my random searches was Doomed unto Eternal Vigilance Forever, which strikes me as really, really funny for no good reason I can explain. This strip just about killed me. That particular revelation probably says a great deal about my personality.

Anyway, please keep the suggestions coming, and I’ll keep checking them out.

In other news:

So yesterday, pal Dorian, Kid Chris, and I were discussing that, with the apparent interest in the forthcoming “serious” Space Ghost series, what we need are more serious takes on classic cartoons. Like, for example, a dark and gritty Underdog, featuring a realistically-painted beagle* wearing red longjohns. Or Mighty Man and Yuck: will Mighty Man ever truly understand Yuck’s deep, unrelenting pain of being the World’s Ugliest Dog? Or Captain Caveman: the only thing that could reduce the Captain’s despair at being ripped away from his own time and all the people he loves…is capturing the heart of Teen Angel Taffy – but she must never know his true feelings.

With all that said…yeah, I’m probably going to at least look at this new Space Ghost comic. I’m a big hypocrite. But, really, there’s just something about it…a curiosity about what Joe Kelly and Ariel Olivetti are going to do with the characters after they’d been treated about as seriously as they deserved for so long. Tim has a little more common sense than I have in regard to this particular funnybook.

* Or whatever. What kind of dog is Underdog, anyway?

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