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Please keep sending me your webcomic suggestions…I am taking them under advisement, I promise. Unshelved is a particularly good one, and one I can personally appreciate given that I used to work in a library, lo these many years ago.

Speaking of comic strips, I’m certainly not envious of what topical strips like Doonesbury and The Boondocks and Andy Capp* have to do during Presidential election weeks. Clearly they have to address the elections**, but they have to dance around the results until their lead times catch up with the actual printing of the strips. I think I’ve seen a couple variations on the “Boy, I sure am glad Clinton [or whoever] won” / “Boy, won’t we look silly if he didn’t win” gag over the years.

(EDIT: I didn’t notice that The Boondocks gag for today actually referred to this particular election-result-dodging phenomenon, otherwise I would have mentioned it! Thanks to pal Andy for pointing it out.)

On a completely different topic altogether…take a looksee at The Comic Treadmill for the Worst Song to Appear in A Comic Book Ever. Though I think this song, from Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #9 from 1959, comes close:

“Come sing a song of Superman!

Low he strikes the villain’s plan!

And though bad men may have their day,

Repeatedly, he makes them pay!

Kryptonite may harm his skill…

Keeper of the law’s his will…

Eagle-eyed watcher of land, air and sea,

Ne’er does he cease to fight tyranny!–

To down men’s foes and set men free!”

Clark Kent wrote this for Pat Boone to sing, mind you.

* Just seeing if you’re paying attention.

** My one and only comment on the elections: AUGH!

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