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Commenter Sean points out, and quite rightly so, that maybe I should have mentioned that a new Swamp Thing reprint volume, collecting the beginning of Rick Veitch’s run, was released last week. I mean, me, of all people, not to mention that…. Well, my only excuse is that my posting mojo was at minimal levels over the last few days due to a variety of real world doings, and thus Swamp Thing: Regenesis slipped my mind. Ah, well…what do you want for free?

At any rate, I’m glad to see DC remember that this particular Swamp Thing series didn’t end after Alan Moore left the book, as there was plenty of good stuff that followed (though it gets to be a bit of rough going around the “Quest for The Elementals” storyline). Rick Veitch’s particular off-kilter sensibilities gave this title a great new direction that was horrific (and black-humored) in its own way, not relying entirely on Moore. By the way, is there any official word on whether or not the unpublished “Swamp Thing Meets Jesus” story will pop up in these reprint volumes eventually?

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