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1. Thank you for your web-comics suggestions…I’ve not had a lot of time for the weblogging over the last few days, but I’ll hopefully be back up to speed next week and be able to check out all the sites you all have pointed out.

2. Found via pal JP – a supposed one-sheet for James Cameron’s unproduced Spider-Man film. I get the feeling that this item has been relisted several times (and with a minimum bid of $675, it’s no surprise), given that one of the lines in the description is “Only a few days untill the Spiderman 2 movie with Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst opens!”

3. This week’s Smallville…okay, Lionel Luthor and Clark Kent switch brains, which is a groaner of a premise, but the execution was a lot better than it had any reason to be. Yes, it was yet another Kryptonian artifact that triggered the change, but the look on Lionel-as-Clark’s face as he discovers the powers that body holds was a laugh-out-loud moment, even as you go “oh, crap.” And seeing him using Clark’s body to sexually assualt/tease Clark’s female friends and family was just downright creepy.

4. Ken at Ringwood does his overview of the Comicsweblogosphere as part of his larger criticism of comics weblogging in general. (Neilalien, Johnny Bacardi, and I will survive the coming apocalypse, apparently. Well, I’m hoping!) I thought about responding to it at length (but then again, when do I respond to anything not at length?) with my own views on comics weblogs; I think, instead, I’ll sum it up with how I view weblogs: it’s like reading a big ol’ fanzine, where all the writers complement each other…everyone’s got something unique to contribute.

And I wouldn’t want Milo George to change in the slightest.

4a. Rick Geerling refers to me and my ACAPCWOVCCAOE pals as The West Coast Avengers – and, like I told him, as long as we’re not referred to as The Great Lakes Avengers, that’s jake with me.

5. Found via MetaphorgeNeil Gaiman’s Endless, in LEGO form.

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