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Okay, I probably won’t post too many audio messages on this here site, but I figured telling you all how to pronounce ACAPCWOVCCAOE was reason enough to do at least one. Anyway, after seeing how much fun The Real Sam Johnson was having with his audio posts, I couldn’t resist.

Other site news: I plan on making a few organizational changes to my sidebar, and you may have noticed one change already. Instead of having every quote listed under “What Other People Are Saying About MSPR,” they now rotate, changing every time you reload the page (like my “…since 1969” quotes at the top). It took me darn near forever to figure out how to do it and include clickable links (i.e. it took me forever to figure out the right combination of search terms to Google up the javascript I needed), so if it doesn’t display right for you, or if it causes some kind of crash or error, or if it makes your computer catch on fire, let me know.

I also plan on listing comic strips and webcomics in the sidebar as well, just to make it easier on me to keep up on the ones I like. Alas, I don’t read a whole lot of webcomics…any good ones out there I should know about?

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