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Today at work:

Kid Chris: “There should be a Sexy Men of Comics Retailing calendar!”

Me (miming picking up said calendar): “‘Hey, why is this calendar only two months long?'”

Anyway, today at the shop was very busy, with lots of people passing through and buying lots of things (including lots of people I’ve not seen before, not to mention several children), and pal Dorian will be glad to know that his Halloween display did its job. Oh, and I was also playing these CDs on the store stereo, so everyone was in a good, Halloweeny mood.

In other news:

Found via Milo George’s site, it appears that writer (and former Comics Journal editor) Tom Spurgeon now has a website of his very own: The Comics Reporter. Looks exceptionally promising, and it already has a ton of content to check out…so go do so, already! (And how a great domain name like that went unsnagged for so long is beyond me.)

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