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I finally got around to watching last week’s Smallville, guest-starring “The Flash” – nicely done, with plenty of in-jokes for comic fans* which, thankfully, didn’t derail the story for the non-comics fans that presumably comprise the vast majority of the show’s audience. Also, this episode had one of the few logical uses of the Matrix-esque “bullet time” slow motion effect, when Clark encounters Bart Allen at super-speed. I also thought the lightning-effects on Bart when we was using his powers was a nice touch.

An interesting side effect of this episode…pal Dorian pointed out to me yesterday that we seem to be having a few more people asking about Flash comics at the store over the last few days, since the show aired.

Also yesterday, I had a father and his young daughter come in looking for Tinkerbell comics (I’m assuming for a Halloween costume). Well, the two Tinkerbell comics I knew about (two issues of Dell’s Four Color Comics series) were out of stock, so I turned to the extremely valuable Inducks Disney Comics Database, since that would probably be easier than going through our four boxes of Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories and looking through each issue individually. One of the odd things I discovered while running this search…Tinkerbell seemed to appear in stories with Chip ‘n’ Dale an awful lot. I really can’t think of any explanation why, aside from they’re all about the same size.

For some reason, finding any of the assorted Peter Pan characters outside of their original context always seems a little strange to me. Captain Hook turned up as the villain in various non-Pan Disney comics on a regular basis…Dorian mentioned to me a story where Hook appears as an 1800s riverboat captain, which made my brain go afhadjklsfjakldas. And if I’m reading this listing correctly…the Seven Dwarves encounter Captain Hook? Oh, man.

* Somebody somewhere on the comicsweblogosphere had a rundown of the in-jokes in this episode, but I don’t remember where I saw it…please let me know if you remember where it is (or if you are the one who did it), so I can add the link to this entry!

EDIT: That list may be found here.

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