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Tim points out the arrival of a Composite Superman weblog, riding that wave of Composite Superman-mania that’s sweeping the internet. File this with the Hulk weblog and the Green Arrow weblog.

The first comment on the Composite Superman weblog is from “Composite Jimmy Olson,” who must actually be the Bizarro Composite Jimmy Olson, since the last name is spelled incorrectly.

On a related subject, there’s still no Archie Andrews weblog. Surely Archie would have something to say? (“Dear Blog – Jughead eats and eats and eats, and I think he has a problem. I hope it’s not a tapeworm.”) On the other hand, given Archie Comics’ sense of humor about this sort of thing, maybe it’s not such a good idea.

On a totally unrelated subject, pal Andy links to what he very accurately calls a “joke roundup” being held by Defective Yeti. I had contributed two jokes to the list yesterday, and they’re about 50 posts down. A note to people who know me personally…no need to go look. You know which two jokes they are.

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