Hold on…I almost forgot about these….

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To think you almost missed the delights of…Swamp Thing Puffy Stickers:

Produced by Noteworthy during that golden age for Swamp Thing merchandise, 1991, each package contains six stickers each. As far as I know, only two assortments were ever released. Here’s the other one:

If you’ve been following along with my previous Swamp Thing merchandise posts, you’ll notice that the licensors got a lot a mileage out of the same art (particularly if you look at the Presto Magix set). For example, the piece used in the bottom right of the first sticker sheet appeared to be the standard Swamp Thing image used to represent the entire line.

If I were a crude man, I’d say that this sticker makes Swampy look like he’s…um, doing his business:

Giant Swamp Thing threatens to crush the Earth if you don’t do rhyming things:

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