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1. Because I love you: Comic Book Bondage Cover of The Day. New to me, though one fast Google search later, I see the mysterious as he is ubiquitous Neilalien has it on his links list.

2. The more I think about Big Sir, the more he bothers me. Especially that bit where the other Flash villains use a dead mouse to…well, just go read the entry.

3. The new DC solicitations are up, and while I might have something to say about them later, I do have a couple things I’d like to note. First, while I have no complaints about a Seven Soldiers of Victory Archive, I really have to wonder if DC actually thought there’d be more demand for that, rather than a Sugar & Spike volume. I mean, c’mon DC, you’re killing me here.

And second, there’s going to be a Composite Superman action figure. DC can’t decide if it hates me or if it loves me. It doesn’t give me the Sugar & Spike, and yet it gives me this:

DC, don’t play with my affections!

3a. For more DC solicitation fun, visit pal Ian. How one man can be so bitter about comics and never have actually worked in a comic book store is beyond me.*

* I’m not really bitter about comics. It’s a joke, son.

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