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Pal Andy links to this overview of video game comics. As Andy notes, DC Comics’ Atari Force is overlooked completely. This site fills that void nicely, however.


I did finally see this week’s episode of Smallville…you know, the “Kryp/Tuck” episode. It turned out not to be as bad as I was expecting from last week’s preview…but really, it wasn’t all that good, either. Ethics seem to be right out the window (Lana’s boyfriend becoming an employee at her high school, and continuing the relationship; Clark trying out for the football team), there’s more rampant nudity, there are plot complications right outta nowhere (Lois didn’t pass her senior year, so she has to make up credits…at Smallville High)…and for some reason, Abby’s mom, the villain of the piece, seemed to remind me of the kind of villain you’d see in Lois and Clark‘s later seasons, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I don’t really have much to say on this episode, but go read Jason’s insightful review. He makes some good points, particularly about Chloe’s new position in the show.


Speaking of Lois and Clark, I found this charming review of the show on the Internet Movie Database. I hope it’s a joke, but somehow, I don’t think it is. Was Dean Cain’s apparent ethnicity ever an issue (part-Japanese, not Vietnamese, despite what that “reviewer” thinks)? I thought Cain did a pretty good job as Superman/Clark, myself.


“‘Mature readers’ Youngblood is a self-cancelling statement if ever I’ve seen one.

Don’t worry, kids aren’t interested in Youngblood. Adults are barely interested in Youngblood. Remember how I’ve said that despite apparent prevailing opinion, Rob Liefeld work tends to sell? Let me amend that to “Rob Liefeld’s Marvel work tends to sell.”

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