The people have spoken!

§ October 5th, 2004 § Filed under Uncategorized Comments Off on The people have spoken!

Well, it looks like my current week’s trend of winning friends and influencing people is continuing, as my comment about New Warriors not appearing to be any good has brought out some defenders for the series, mostly saying that it was in fact good, at least for a while. Er, no offense intended! Every comic book series (and character) is someone’s favorite, and I probably should keep that in mind. But really…Night Thrasher?

And Jason and Nathan both step right up and tell me that the fella in that picture I posted isn’t the victim of bad perspective…he actually has a giant right arm! Now, could he shrink his arm back to normal size when he wasn’t using it to clock somebody? And wouldn’t his balance be all screwed up? And am I putting more thought into this than the people who actually did this particular issue? Probably.

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