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Fred Hembeck picks up on a naughty Brian Bolland joke (under Oct. 2nd – no permalinks) from Bolland’s illustration of Lady Blackhawk for Who’s Who in The DC Universe! I’d always thought there was something up with that image…of course, it is Brian Bolland….

Speaking of odd images, regarding that New Warriors pic I posted yesterday…yeah, I know what “forced perspective” is, but, as Augie indicates, that perspective is downright broken! When something like this is done in Megaton Man, it’s supposed to be funny…here, it’s…um, well….

Which brings me to a related point…was New Warriors ever any good? We’d recently sold a boatload of New Warriors issues at the shop recently, and as I was restocking them I couldn’t help but note how unappealing this series looked. Granted, this type of cover was the norm for Marvel at the time, but something about New Warriors really repelled me. I did read the first issue of the series, way back when…well, more accurately, I read about half of the first issue, as I found it pretty much unreadable. It was just so aggressively…average, I guess. Just filled with cliches and unlikeable characters…I mean, Night Thrasher? Honestly.*

And, finally, courtesy Dave of Legomancer, an even more terrifying version of Psycho-Man:

* Speedball is exempt from any New Warriors criticism, if only because pal Kurt would kill me if I said anything bad about that character!

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