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Dorian knows that he didn’t invent the idea of finding subtext in comic images, but the “Subtext? What Subtext?” thing is sort of his continuing schtick. That’s all he’s saying. That, and that he doesn’t want to look like he’s “borrowing” from someone else the next time he does “Subtext? What Subtext?” — which is what it would have looked like since the site in question is one of the more highly-visited comics weblogs.

The person who posted has since apologized and added a link to Dorian’s site in that post, which is cool, but a couple other people in some of the related threads continue to miss the point. Unsurprisingly.

In happier news, Dorian is now the top Google search for “Nanny Dickering,” so his cunningly evil plan has come to fruition.

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