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So it appears it’s going to be the all-nekkid season on Smallville this year, what with nekkid Clark, nekkid Lana, previews featuring nekkid Lois…yup, we’ll be seeing a lot more (wink, nudge) of our favorite 25-year-old high schoolers this year, it looks like. Anyhoo, the season premiere felt pretty disjointed, as all the subplots and cliffhangers and plotlines are thrown together and stirred up a bit. The much-ballyhooed appearance of Superman veteran Margot Kidder (playing the assistant to Christopher Reeve’s Dr. Swann character) was just long enough for her delivery of a deus ex machina to Ma Kent, in the form of “Black Kryptonite.” So, when Ma exposed her son to said Kryptonite, was anyone else reminded of that scene in Superman III when the two halves of Superman’s personality literally split apart and started fighting each other? No? Um…me neither.

(EDIT: Just noticed Peter David also refers to the Black Kryptonite as a deus ex machina. Well, that’s what it was!)

Erica Durance makes her debut as Lois Lane…Lois is talky, pushy, and actually quite enjoyable. Looking forward to seeing more of her (wink, nu…oh, forget it). Interesting that she shares the smoking problem of Kidder’s version of Lois.

So, I wonder just how much more convoluted the origin of Superman is going to get this year?

In other news:

Tim at The Hurting reviews the first story arc on the new Swamp Thing series and finds it somewhat lacking.

Mark Evanier reports that the rights have been sold for a Groo the Wanderer movie. While I’m sure it’ll be live-action, what I wouldn’t give to see a fully-animated movie done in the Sergio Aragones style.

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