"You saw the movie…now see what happens…!"

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Superboy #149 (July 1968) – cover by Neal Adams

Okay, so this comic is from 1968. Let’s assume that the Superman stories published in 1968 actually take place in the year 1968. Now let us assume that the Superboy stories take place approximately 15 years prior to the “present day” Superman stories, placing them about the year 1953. These assumptions appear to be borne out in the stories themselves, so we may take them as a given.

Now, with that in mind, there is absolutely no explanation whatsoever how Bonnie and Clyde, who died in 1934, suddenly show up in 1950s Smallville.

(Nor is there any explanation for the cutesy narrator captions in this story — to wit: “How will Clark explain away the shattered harvester-blades…without exposing his identity as Superboy? Hmmm?” Yes, there’s really a “hmmm” at the end of that caption.)

One could make the assumption that perhaps this is a different Bonnie and Clyde, but information in the story would contradict that. Or perhaps Superman is older that we think…maybe in ’68 he was 49 years old, which would make him about 15 in 1934. However, if I recall correctly, Superman was always “under 30” — a perpetual 29, I guess. (There’s even a story in the early 80s where this is a plot point…everyone over 30 is magically removed from Metropolis, but Superman is able to remain.)

Or maybe I’m thinking about this really peculiar comic just a little too much.

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