Aye, here there be spoilers, matey. Arrrrr!

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Yeah, I’m in my 30s and I’m watchin’ the cartoons…what’s it to ya? The newest Justice League Unlimited is a follow-up to an episode from last season (here’s an overview of that story…mind the broken image links). I only vaguely remembered it, as, if I recall correctly, I caught only the second half originally, but this new episode gets you up to speed easily enough.

Basically, it’s about the super-powered android Amazo returning to Earth to confront the man who took undue advantage of him previously…Lex Luthor. Luthor is supposedly reformed, which nobody in the episode really appears to buy, but in a nice turn of events it appears that, at least for this episode, he really is reformed. Still grumpy and abrasive when he doesn’t get his way, but reformed nonetheless. This will probably only last until one of the writers gets a great idea for “Luthor goes bad again,” but it’s a good twist.

Want superheroes? This episode’s got plenty: A bunch of Green Lanterns (including Kyle Rayner, surprisingly), which should make pal Corey happy, a handful of characters that we’d just seen in the previous episode (like Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E., Fire, Ice, Dr. Light), Red Tornado finally gets to do something, and we get the return of the Atom to animation!

Anyway, the motivation for Amazo’s return should be of no surprise to anyone who’s seen Star Trek: The Motion Picture, but I do enjoy it when a superhero cartoon’s conflict is resolved with something other than “who punches the hardest?”

I do have a question for you folks out there who may have seen more the previous seasons than I have…what were those spaceships surrounding the Earth along with the superheroes?

For a boatload of screen shots from this show, hie thee hither to Chris’s pad.

In other news:

  • Ait/Planetlar‘s Big Larry makes with the 3rd part of his ongoing look at the comics weblogosphere. I’m a little late linking to it, but I’m sure if you’re interested in it, you already knew.
  • I’ll probably have more to say about Star Wars than just this at some point, in case anyone still cares, but I did want to say at least this: George Lucas has every right in the world to make whatever changes he wants to his films. If he wanted to paste in Jar-Jar Binks into every scene of The Empire Strikes Back…hey, more power to him. But at the same time, I would think that he would feel some sort of obligation toward preserving for posterity the film as it was originally released. I didn’t expect him to release a separate set of the original versions at the same time as the “special editions” (simply because seeing the original versions’ sales far outstrip sales of his “perfected” vision would be bit of an ego-squasher), but at the very least they should have been included in the set with the newer editions.

    I bet, though, that after the whole Star Wars thing has petered out even more than it already has, we’ll get a DVD release of the original versions in yet another pricey set in a desperate attempt to keep the cash flow going.

  • Found on Scott McCloud’s weblog, a bunch of other things Scott understands.

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