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Well, this has been a pretty content-heavy week for me on this here site, so I’ve just got a few odds and ends to cover:

  • If you want to hear the theme from the Swamp Thing cartoon I was discussing yesterday, you can find it (and several other superhero TV and movie themes) on this page. It’ll cause great pain, I assure you. There’s even a second version of the theme that was created, I’m assuming, to avoid paying the writers of “Wild Thing” more money.
  • Jim asks why I just got my copy of Following Cerebus this week, when he’s had his for a week or two now. Well, sometimes distribution on independent titles is a little scattered, particularly in the case of Cerebus, which stores serviced by Diamond’s Los Angeles warehouse consistently received the week after everyone else in the country got theirs. The rule of thumb seems to be that the further west you are, the more likely certain indies will arrive late. It’s just one of those things, and we’ve learned to deal with it…it’s not really that prevalent of a problem. (EDIT: Just noticed Dorian touched upon the same topic.)
  • As I was rewatching last week’s Justice League Unlimited, I noticed two things: 1) Dr. Light turns and heads toward the teleporter before J’onn calls out her name, and 2) now that it’s been pointed out to me that Billy West did the voice of Skeets, I can’t help but be aware how much Skeets sounds like Fry from Futurama.
  • Suddenly, we’re sold out of the Fallen Angel trade paperback, and several recent back issues of the series, in part thanks to DC’s recent free first issue promotion. In fact, beneath pal Ian‘s gruff exterior beats a heart of love and generosity, as he gave up the copy of the TPB he was going to buy to another of our customers. Don’t worry, Ian…I got more a’comin’ next week!
  • Speaking of Fallen Angel…the bartender is who I think he is, isn’t he?
  • Added to the list o’weblogs: a Kirby Comics weblog. But of course.

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