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Yes, the DC Comics solicitations are up, and like most other comics webloggers, I thought I’d take a look at them. It’s hard to top pal Ian’s post, though.

First off, I wanted to comment on the new Legion of Super-Heroes series…I’m getting mixed messages on whether or not this is a reboot, but I suppose that really doesn’t matter much to me. I’m a longtime Legion fan, and I can handle yet another reboot, I suppose. What is interesting about this new series is the plan to have 40 pages of story in each $2.95 issue. That does make a certain amount of sense, given the number of characters in the book (and every one is somebody’s favorite…well, except Star Boy*), but, in order to do this, I imagine 1) somebody’s taking a lower page rate; 2) it’ll be printed on toilet paper; 3) it’ll be in black and white (and wouldn’t that tick somebody off); or 4) it’ll have 40 pages of ads to accompany the 40 pages of story. Anyway, I’m sure this particular format will last only as long as Mark Waid is writing, or until DC’s accountants tell them to knock it off. I happen to think it’s a good idea to go 40 pages on Legion…beats having two Legion series, like they tried a couple years back.

Wait a minute…the Doom Patrol is fighting Devo? Oh, never mind, they’re fighting “the Devolutionists.” Rats.

The new Astro City series is finally starting, and promises to tell us the long-promised story behind the Silver Agent. Let’s hope this one comes out on a more timely basis than other recent Astro City books.

I’ve usually waited on buying stories that appear in DC’s hardcovers, though given the price difference between the hardbacks and the softbacks ($24.95 versus $17.95), I don’t know why I bother. So I’ll probably spring for the new Hellblazer: All His Engines book by Carey and Manco…I’ve been a Hellblazer fan since day one (in Swamp Thing #37…or #25, depending on who you ask). I like Carey’s writing, and I certainly like Manco’s art, so this should be a good’un.

Speaking of Swamp Thing…the new issue has the return (yet again) of Arcane, who apparently is back to being evil after his “redemption” at the end of the Millar run a few years back. I trust there will be some explanation for this turn of events.

I’m glad to see Chris pointed this out, too…is there really anything better than an Alfred action figure?

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Pal Dorian takes a certain turn of phrase to task. In case you’re wondering…yes, I have seen him tell people off for this before.

Hey, cool…apparently, among the various other First Comics properties that are being revived and/or reprinted is Mars by Mark Wheatley and Marc Hempel. I loved that series. Apparently it’s on track for “a large, deluxe edition” (read: hardcover) from IDW (read: expensive), which includes extra material (read: Mike must buy).

* I’m only kidding. It’s really Invisible Kid that nobody likes.

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