A little late-night link-weblogging.

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Found via my referral stats: my favorite page linking to the Seven Deadly Harveys.

Milo George, who always delights and baffles, presents The Greatest Flash Gordon Daily Strip Ever.

In case you missed this link at the end of my interminable Superman post from yesterday, you’ve gotta see the Superpup page. No, it’s not a hoax…I’ve actually seen the show in question. (EDIT: Just noticed that pal Andy has linked to the page as well…so you better go see it fast, just in case bandwidth issues knock it out! Just in case, here’s an Angelfire page with more stills.)

For Scott Saavedra: more Space Canine Patrol Agents info here, here, here (warning: gnarly pop-ups), here, and, because God is good, Space Canine Patrol Agents fan fiction (with special guest-star, Ace the Bat Hound)!

If you like the old comic covers, get yourself over to the Viper Comics Raw Feed for some of Greg Gatlin’s spicy delights. I have no idea why I just typed the phrase “spicy delights.” I apologize.

To steal an observation from pal Dorian, everybody may be talking about Amazing Fantasy, but has that translated to sales?

The first issue of the British comic Dandy sells for £20,350 (just over $36,000, to us Colonials).

You can find the cover and 5 pages from the Cure issue of Rock ‘n’ Roll Comics on this Cure fan site.

Just added to my weblogroll: the mighty Mae Mai, the unique Utopia Moment, and the crispy Christopher Butcher.

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