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Long day at work (what with it being comic book day and all), and I haven’t even had time to read any of my new comics yet. I’m writing this weblog entry instead…see what I do for you people? Anyway, I’ll probably have some kind of comics overview tomorrow.

We did get in Art Spiegelman’s new book In The Shadow of No Towers, and I can say it’s a very nice-looking package. The first half of the book, which relates Spiegelman’s reaction to the 9/11 attacks and the country’s response, is visually very compelling, looking for all the world like one of his old RAW magazines. The second half is classic comic strips from the beginning of the last century, thematically linked to Spiegelman’s observations in the first half. I haven’t had a chance to read and see for myself if it deserves the mixed critical reaction it appears to be receiving, but at the very least it’s visually appealing. My one concern is that the book’s spine may not be up to the job of repeated readings…it feels awfully darn fragile.

In other news:

  • Beaucoup Kevin relates what comic creators he would shag if he were gay. Representative quote: “BENDIS! I’d lick his head and send him on his way….”
  • AiT/Planetlar honcho Big Larry continues his examination of the comicsweblogosphere at Comic Book Resources. Against Lar’s better judgment, I’m sure, he continues to include comments from me.
  • Okay, who wants to go in with me on bidding on Crossgen? (PayPal donations gladly accepted.) Related is this story about the creators of the fine Abadazad Crossgen comic trying to get back the rights to that series.
  • Found out from a customer today that cartoonist Jack Lawrence is off the Darkham Vale book he created for AP Comics. However, he has a new forthcoming book entitled Lions, Tigers, And Bears that should appeal to his fans.
  • Just added Jason Kimble’s Trickle of Consciousness to the weblogroll, which I probably should have done a long time ago.

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