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Really, the best part of last night’s new episode of Justice League Unlimited was the voice-work of fellow Oxnard native Jeffrey Combs as Steve Ditko’s The Question. Given Combs’ history of playing characters that seem to think they know what they’re doing, but very clearly have a screw loose somewhere (see also the Reanimator films, From Beyond, various roles on assorted Star Trek shows), he really added a layer of peculiarity to The Question, who was portrayed as being a little more obsessive and off-kilter than in any of The Question comics I’ve seen. In fact, there seemed to be just a tiny pinch of Moore and Gibbon’s Rorschach, which has the nice touch of a derivative character feeding back into its inspiration.

At any rate, this episode, with its conspiracies (or “conspiracy,” as the Question says), seeming betrayals, and its portrayal of the Question himself, must be pretty heady stuff for any 8-year-olds tuning in right after last night’s Teen Titans cartoon.

Now that we’ve seen the Question, we’re perhaps one step closer to getting a Mr. A cartoon: “Mommy, mommy, the man in the cartoon said that reality is independent of our beliefs…what does that mean?”

Other observations from the cartoon: I think we just saw the animated origin for Power Girl (given the Supergirl clone’s attitute and “cleavage ahoy!” costume). Also, I believe I spotted a Wildcat cameo, which should make you-know-who happy.

In other news:

So, all those articles popping up lately about Jim Caviezel playing Superman in the new movie (here’s a representative sample)…is Mark Millar pretty much the only source for this rumor? Well, at the very least, Millar knows how to get people talking about him…including me, I suppose.

In response to someone in the comments section of my previous post — I don’t have a cover scan for Marvel Comics’ Life of Pope John Paul II immediately available, but you can find images of varying quality on eBay.

And go enter Johanna’s Fallen Angel contest, gosh darn it. Don’t make me tell you again.

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