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1. Added to the weblogroll: Ed Cunard’s The Low Road.

2. Of these two conversations held in our store today, which is geekier: pal Ian and pal Corey wondering what they would do if they ever met their Earth-2 counterparts; or me telling pal Sean that Bullseye‘s girlfriend must really be happy with him since, due to his power of perfect aim, he never pees on the toilet seat?

3. New funnybooks today: slim pickins for me, as I only bought four:

  • Firestorm #5 – continues to be very intriguing, and brings up a moral issue to the character’s power that he’s trying to deny
  • Street Angel #3 – this issue reminded me, oddly enough, of a more action-oriented Chester Brown
  • Swamp Thing #7 – read the preview issue last week…always weird to see Richard Corben doing ground-level comics. Do people even still say “ground-level” in reference to modern comics? I think I’ll start using that instead of “mainstream”
  • …And, my low-brow pick of the week, Hulk/Thing: Hard Knocks #1 – actually, not bad…all set-up, but it has me curious as to what the Thing’s goal is

Normally, when I’m only getting a small number of comics like this, I’d try something else out, but given that last week I had a ton of stuff come in, I thought I’d better give myself a break this week.

4. We finally got our copies of Scott Pilgrim in…but once again, we were shorted our DC Comics Preview Pack. Grrrr.

5. Also, courtesy of a store run by a friend of ours who ordered a few too many, we were able to get a couple more cases of those Dark Knight Returns figures based on the Frank Miller designs. Batman, Superman, and the Joker fly off the shelves…Robin continues to be the very definition of “pegwarmer.” Anyone else noticing that problem in other areas?

6. I brought in that album of Neil Hefti Batman music that I mentioned a couple days ago, but played it before we were open, while we were breaking down the order. I think playing the Batman theme song in a comic shop while we’re open and the customers can hear it may be…gilding the lily a bit, don’t you think?

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