"I will pick up your dirty bird!"

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1. Finally, after months (well, days) of me badgering him, pal Dorian has posted photographic proof of the Baby Huey movie.

2. All I have to say about the most recent episode of Justice League Unlimited – God bless you, Paul Dini, for giving us an animated version of B’wana Beast. I even got a kick out of his “surfer” accent (and somewhere, The World’s Biggest B’wana Beast Fan is writing a letter of protest). The episode as a whole was a lot of fun, and very much played for laughs…that was original Not Ready for Prime Time Player Laraine Newman as Medusa! Also, they’re still playing with the romantic connection between Batman and Wonder Woman…when did this whole Batman/WW romance Zeitgeist start going around? It’s been popping up in the comics over the last couple of years, now it’s in the cartoons…somehow, this is all Grant Morrison’s fault, I’m sure.

3. That panel to the right is from the infamous Iron Man #157, as described in detail over on the Comic Treadmill. And yes, having now perused said funnybook, it’s as incredibly average as H says. Really, the most you can say about it is that yes, it fills 20 (or however many) pages, thus allowing Marvel to publish an Iron Man comic that month.

3a. And yes, H and Mag, I do indeed have more copies of this comic available.

3b. Speaking of the Treadmill, did you see this panel Mag posted? If you like out-of-context comic panels, like I know I do, then you really need to check it out.

4. For those of you who had a hard time believing that people treat our store like a day-care center like Dorian said, let me relate a story from Sunday: so I was working at the back counter, putting together some reorders, when I spotted a couple of little girls (about 3 and 4, maybe) wandering around unattended. They were running (which I had to put a stop to before they fell and got hurt), they were spinning one of the comic racks around as fast as they could (I had to put a stop to that too, being the mean old man that I am), they were coming to the counter I was working at and grabbing papers, tape dispensers, what have you, off that counter, and just generally getting underfoot (particularly in employees-only areas). No parents in sight, mind you. After a few minutes of trying to be patient with them, I finally had to draw the line when the older girl grabbed one of my pencils and attempted to write on some of the comic boxes.

Well, that was enough. I finally tracked down their parents, who up to this point had made no attempt to keep tabs on their kids, on the other side of the store (we have a fairly sizable shop) and informed them that they’ll have to supervise their children. The mom’s response? “But I’ve been supervising them all day.” Yes, I swear to you, she actually said that. I’m sorry if asking you to do your job as a parent is an inconvenience, but unless you’re going to pay me some babysitting money, I’m not going to take care of your children for you.

5. And here’s something incredibly immature of me to post, but you know kids were giggling over these panels 35 years ago:

from Huckleberry Hound #38 (July 1969)

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