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1. Customer buys something that ends up costing $10.83. Pulls 72 dollars out of his pocket. Hands me a ten dollar bill, and asks his friend if he has eighty-three cents in change. Friend dutifully counts out and hands over eighty-three cents. I wonder this whole time why the friend didn’t tell the customer “what, would it kill you to just give him another dollar?”

2. I noticed on the cover of one of the science fiction magazines we carry a small blurb ballyhooing an article about behind-the-scenes stuff on the original Star Trek TV series. Okay, really, at this point is there anything else we need to know about the original Star Trek series? Haven’t we all seen interviews with every actor, actress, extra, scriptwriter, director, production designer, key grip, lighting tech, make-up artist, “red-shirt,” tribble-wrangler, and their spouses by now? I suppose if you went to one of those “celebrity” autograph conventions you might get an actor who played Romulan Guard #3 to tell you some unsavory story from the show that never saw print due to fear of legal action, but that’s probably about it.

Besides, shouldn’t we all just move on to the vastly superior Space: 1999?

3. Okay, so the Hulk has his own weblog, which appears to have inspired a similar Green Arrow weblog (though the Hulk appears to have a better grasp of capitalization). I was half-tempted to add to the fray with my own Archie Andrews weblog (“Dear ‘blog: I didn’t get laid again today”) but I spend enough time just doing this site. So, for any of you enterprising individuals out there, that’s a free idea, and this address still appears to be available. Archie.blogspot.com is taken, though not updated in three years.

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