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Okay, so there’s been a rumor or two either about cast members of Smallville appearing in the forever-forthcoming Superman movie or that Smallville‘s team being asked not to step on the toes of the film’s team (in particular, regarding any meetings between Lois and Lex on the TV show – near the bottom of the page).

The way I figure it…they might as well wait to make the movie until after the Smallville series has completed its run. Then, you can make a big screen version of the Smallville show, complete with the original cast…which would in effect be a Superman movie. I mean, what the heck. You’ll have a built-in audience attached to that particular group of actors, and the show has proven to be extremely popular. Of course, a couple years down the road the superhero movie bubble may* have burst, and the producers of the Superman movie are probably anxious to get their film out before that happens.

But, still…having Tom Welling as Superman would be a nice payoff for the Smallville fans, don’t you think?

* By “may” I mean “will almost certainly.”

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