"I am sharp, and my Scoot is aces!"

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Johanna mentions something that I probably should have brought up last week, that the paperwork for the Marvel Comics settlement has been sent out to retailers and that we received ours on Friday. It’s a fairly sizable amount (several hundred dollars) and should cover a couple weeks’ worth of Marvel books (or part of one week, if Marvel decides to release every X-Men comic they publish on the same day). We supposedly should be seeing this credit come through by the end of the year. Let’s hope, anyway.

In other news:

  • So remember that I mentioned that someone called Byrne on his mistaken assumption that Moore had a “glaring plot hole” in “For the Man Who Has Everything?” Several of Byrne’s responses can be found on this page, mostly built around the spurious assumption that Moore set up a premise and proceeded to ignore it. The very last post on the page from a forum member pretty much nips Byrne’s arguments in the bud, though I notice the battle continues for another couple pages of messages.
  • Speaking of missing the point entirely, another message board person (maybe also on the Byrne forum) said something a while back that really cheesed my crackers. Somebody referred to Grant Morrison’s run on Animal Man and how Morrison killed off and brought back Animal Man’s family for “no reason whatsoever.” There are only one of two conclusions you can draw from this statement. The most likely conclusion is that this person never actually read the story and is just going off what he’s heard or read about it. The other conclusion is that the person did read the story, and somehow managed to miss the several issues with the explicitly-explored theme of “real” reality vs. fictional reality (you know, the common theme to most of Morrison’s work for the last couple of decades)…and, in particular, the comparison between Morrison’s real life loss (the death of his pet cat) and Animal Man’s loss of his family.
  • I’m glad I managed to cajole pal Dorian into saying something about that person on a message board who missed the point about his article on The Gayest Comic Ever. Apparently this person thought Dorian was using “gay” as a pejorative, despite 1) Dorian explicitly stating he’s gay, a fact brought up on the very message board this person is posting on, and 2) the context in which “gay” is used is not in the sense of “that sucks” (you know, “that’s so gay“), but rather in the sense of “why, that exudes quite the large amount of homosexuality.” Listen, I’ve heard Dorian tell off people in the store who’ve used “gay” as a pejorative, so he’s the last person who would do so.
  • I’m going to assume Warren Ellis was just “taking the piss,” as it were, when he said that online comic fans now like Dan Clowes since he’s done a superhero comic. (via Neilalien, among others…I know I saw someone with a more complete takedown on this – who was it?)
  • To counter my free-floating hostility toward my fellow humans, here is an archived page of Sanrio comic strips. Warning – may kill diabetics.

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