Is it hot in here, or is it just you?

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Okay, just to clarify…I have no problem with Elfquest existing. I’m all for it. I’m glad people like it. It just doesn’t do anything for me. But one issue did include an elf orgy (SFW, scroll halfway down), so I guess it can’t be all bad.*

Also, since I was talking about Starfox’s amazing super-power last time, pal Josh lets me know that Bliss from DV8 also had the power to give people “the happy feeling.” And didn’t Fascination from Gatecrasher’s Technet have a similar ability? (Pal Mojo IV, I’m a’lookin’ at you.)

As long as I’m posting the sexiest entry ever here on “Progressive Ruin – After Hours,” here’s a link stolen from Fark that isn’t political flamebait: a quick look at Veronica’s toplessness and Betty’s alleged nudity from a recent issue of Betty and Veronica’s Double Digest.

Which Sexy Comic Book Villainess Are You? You know you want to know.

Here’s a page about Jean-Claude Forest, creator of Barbarella (minor cartoon nudity at 2nd link).

The official page of Grin And Bare It, a very funny European magazine of good-natured naughty cartoons. (Link definitely not safe for work, young’uns, or prudes.)

* By the way, never do a Google search on “elfquest orgy.”

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